Snapchat Launches An AI Chatbot Based On ChatGPT

Snapchat Launches An AI Chatbot Based On ChatGPT

The Snapchat social network announced on Monday the launch of its own chatbot in the experimental phase, which is based on the ChatGPT AI and which will only be available to paying subscribers.

The chatbot, dubbed My AI (My Artificial Intelligence, in English), aims to help users with tasks such as choosing a gift for a friend, planning an excursion or thinking of a recipe for dinner, the company said in a statement.

Snapchat warns, in any case, that the tool currently has many deficiencies and that all conversations will be stored and reviewed to improve the product.

“Although My AI is designed to avoid biased, incorrect, harmful or misleading information, errors can occur,” said the company, which asks users not to take advice from it.

This new chatbot is a version adapted for Snapchat of the latest version of ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence tool developed by the OpenAI firm that has recently triggered public interest in this type of technology.

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According to Snapchat, each user will be able to personalize the chat by giving it their own name and changing its background.

For now, the use of this new tool will be limited to subscribers of Snapchat+, the paid version of this social network.

Last January, Microsoft announced a “billion-dollar” investment in the artificial intelligence company OpenAi, creator of ChatGPT.

The joint statement from Microsoft and OpenAI did not detail the amount of this investment, which some specialized media estimated at 10,000 million dollars; According to these media, Microsoft would reserve 75% of the profits from OpenAI until the amount of its investment is recovered.

According to that agreement, the association between the two companies will be for several years and will allow them to “independently market” the technological advances achieved in the field of supercomputing, the statement said.

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