ChatGPT, Amazon enters the race of AI

Amazon would be working “for a long time” on a similar technology

ChatGPT, Amazon enters the race of AI

Andy Jassy , ​​CEO of Amazon , finds ChatGPT exciting and says that Amazon has been working on similar technology for a long time.

“I find it exciting what can be done with generative algorithms. This is part of what you already see in templates like ChatGPT. But most big tech companies like ours have been building huge AI-powered generative models for a long time,” Andy Jassy said in an interview with the Financial Times.

Andy Jesse said Amazon is considering partnerships with smaller companies to grow its generative algorithm business. For Amazon, the most likely partner in this space could be Stability AI, which developed ChatGPT and is a competitor to Microsoft-powered Open AI. This is supported by Stability AI’s recent announcement that it prefers Amazon’s cloud infrastructure to train and develop its own AI models.

Among Amazon’s prolific algorithm projects is voice assistant Alexa, which launched in 2014. Amazon vice president of devices and services David Limp said the company continues to work to improved Alexa. He also noted that although ChatGPT is an Alexa competitor, it lacks Alexa’s personality, memory, and knowledge of common things.

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Towards an improvement of Alexa?

Before proposing, perhaps one day, a new model of artificial intelligence, Amazon would think about boosting its current products to make them more intelligent. The group’s engineers are said to be improving Alexa in particular so that it can provide less formal responses, David Limp, senior vice president for devices and services at Amazon, told The Times of London .

For the manager, ChatGPT still lacks the ability to respond appropriately to recent information and to retain the tastes of its user. “Real-time knowledge is just as important as the ability to write a script, which ChatGPT does quite well. Alexa is quite personalized today. She remembers things like your favorite music ,” he recalls.

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