Privacy Policy

Below states the chief privacy policy of The Upcut. It is requested to read them beforehand.


The Upcut gathers data related to its user so it can:

  • Arrange customised services.
  • Add objectivity to the material published on its platform.
  • Provide free of cost site experience by trading the advertising area.


Privacy policies may apply to some of the additional services provided by The Upcut.


Your data is not passed on

  • We make sure to guard the users’ privacy by enabling the necessary security measures needed to protect their information.
  • Respect for the users’ personal space is ensured. Only the DMG and your chosen third parties are authorised to send you marketing emails. You’ll be guided when you have to make these choices.
  • However, you might receive emails related to information, queries (if any), and warnings (if any).
  • Specific users’ data will be used under legal boundaries.
  • Personalised information will be used in a manner it was collected for, with a secure disposing process.
  • Since the website is accessed through the internet, your data is obtainable worldwide.


Information that we collect

Information is gathered with the use of cookies and registration. By doing so, you provide access to information through postings or when you click sales advertisements and enter their contests. Few services or apps will ask for your location as some services are designed to work efficiently in that manner.


Using social networking to log in

When logging in to The Upcut, you will need to authenticate your session. If you use your Facebook ID for this purpose, then your personalised information like; name, email, date of birth, gender, networks, user ID and in some cases, location also will be shared.


In the case of using Twitter for authentication, we might obtain your username. All this information will be used to create a user account for The Upcut. During this period, if you wish to delete The Upcut app in any of the social media settings, we will no longer have access to any information.


Who we might share your data with

The Upcut cannot share any of your personal information without your permission for marketing purposes. However, it is important to remember that we reserve the right to obtain and reveal personal details to act in accordance with government and its laws to ensure the smooth running of operations.