Editorial Guidelines

The Upcut believes in empowering its readers. It is the people’s fundamental right to know what’s happening locally and globally to draw their own conclusions. Which is why, The Upcut, as a responsible publication, shares news and updates without any biases from all over the world. It reports on events and incidents in an honest manner and not as how they would be better ‘sold’ to readers.

The publication does not take the liberty of enforcing its opinions on readers or pushing a certain agenda. However, it does, at times, partner with brands, influencers and celebrities for the publishing of promotional content. That said, it does not, in any way, take part in malignant campaigns against anyone.

The Upcut is a strong advocate of upholding the highest values of journalism and places great emphasis on helping its readers form opinions based on facts rather than popular narratives.

The Upcut realises that words carry weight which is why it never intentionally publishes any material which could, in any way, undermine and or degrade any segment of the society. It also uses its platform for masses whose issues remain unheard and unaddressed.