YouTube is the most widely used platform in Pakistan, unveils economic survey 2022-23

YouTube is the most widely used platform in Pakistan

The Pakistan Economic Survey 2022-23 has unveiled that YouTube has emerged as the platform with most subscribers in country. The survey talked about the situation of internet and social media landscape across Pakistan.

According to the report, YouTube stood out with the most number of users as it reached the mark of 70.17 million. It stated that Pakistan has a total of 87.3 million internet users while mobile phone users have reached 19.18 million.

Facebook has the second most number of users with 57.5 million people using the Meta-owned application. WhatsApp also remained a popular app with 46.2 million users.

Snack Video has slightly more users than TikTok. The Snack Video platform had 18.8 million users, while TikTok has 18.3 million users. Interestingly, Instagram which some people anticipate to have more reach than Facebook and TikTok, has 15.6 million users.

LinkedIn, the social networking hub for the business and corporate sector, had a total of 7.6 million users. BIGO LIVE and Likee had around 4.2 million users.

Twitter had the least number of users with just 3.4 million people using it.

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