4 ways Youtube is empowering viewers of all ages to experience a safer internet

4 ways Youtube is empowering viewers of all ages to experience a safer internet

There’s no arguing that time spent online is an ever-increasing part of our lives, from how we communicate with friends and family to where we learn and find entertainment. And because a lot of that happens right here on YouTube, it’s our commitment to invest in the products, built-in protections and easy-to-use tools to make being online safer for people of all ages. In honor of Safer Internet Day, here are the latest tips that empower you to manage your YouTube experience — from mindfulness customizations and data privacy protections to controls and resources for families.


  1. Be more mindful of the way you spend time online with digital wellbeing tools
    We’re all trying to be more thoughtful of how we spend our time online, and over the last few years, we’ve introduced a suite of tools to help you manage your time on YouTube, like bedtime reminders, time watched and controls to tailor autoplay settings. Safer Internet Day is a great reminder to check your settings and make sure they’re still working for you.


  1. Review and manage your data on a regular basis
    Looking at your YouTube data regularly helps protect your privacy and gives you more control over your viewing experience. YouTube makes it easy for you to access your data through the “Your Data in YouTube” There you’ll find a summary of your content and activity data, along with settings and controls to manage your data, and information on how it’s used to improve your YouTube experience.You can browse or delete your YouTube activity – including comments you’ve made on videos and channels you’ve subscribed to – and review your watch and search history, which helps improve your recommendations in YouTube and other Google services.
  2. Extend protections for kids and tweens by signing into YouTube Kids and YouTube on eligible devices

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Every family’s relationship with media and technology is different. For parents and caregivers, we offer options to help them decide what’s best for their kids and are investing in new ways to improve these experiences. Signing in to YouTube Kids and YouTube on eligible devices is a quick tip to help YouTube work better for families. Here’s why:


  1. Get tips & connect with kids about online safety with our special YouTube Kids playlist 

Today’s kids will be lifelong users of technology, and ongoing education is important for their safety and long-term success. That’s why today, we launched our YouTube Kids playlist,  ‘Build a Safer Internet,’ which you may see upon opening the YouTube Kids app. The playlist will feature content that raises awareness about the safe, responsible and positive use of technology for families. With kid-friendly tips and songs on internet safety and resources to talk about mindful screen time, these videos are meant to help parents and their families navigate the digital world.

If you have any questions or feedback, let us know! We’re available 24/7 on @TeamYouTube, or you can always check out our YouTube Help Center to learn about the latest announcements. For more information on our responsibility efforts at YouTube, visit our How YouTube Works site.

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