How to check what’s trending on Twitter in Pakistan

how to check twitter trending in Pakistan

TWITTER is one of the most powerful social media platforms of the 21st century. It allows you to communicate through short messages aka ‘Tweets’ with other users. And much like the other social media platforms, it also uses ‘Trends’ to determine what’s being talked about on the internet.

Twitter Trends, as the name suggests, are the most popular topics trending on Twitter. An algorithm is used by tools to find what’s trending. These tools assist in the identification of the top trending hashtags in Pakistan on Twitter. To improve your users’ reach and engagement, you must first understand how they use social media, what their interests are, and how they engage with one another. These patterns change depending on who you follow and where you live.

Top 10 Twitter trending tools in Pakistan

Following are some of the available tools to help determine the top trends in Pakistan today on Twitter, and, in fact, worldwide:


Hashtagify looks for real-time data and insights on Twitter. It allows you get a detailed analysis about a specific user and helps with the tracking of hashtags. It is used to: monitor relevant content; find trending hashtags; and discover influencers whom you might want to follow.


Keyhole is a strong monitoring tool which is easily accessible. It can be used to assess the effectiveness of a social media campaign. It gives real-time stats on hashtags and also measures the performance & ROI that one gets on a campaign, making it one of the top choices for brands and marketing agencies alike.


Brand24 comes with a powerful hashtag tracking search feature. This includes hashtag monitoring as well as hashtag analytics. You can track hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks with hashtag tracking to check Twitter trending topics in Pakistan.

You may use the hashtags to track and study the competition and the competitors’ and your own campaigns. If you are looking to identify the top influencers and measure your social media reach, you can use Brand24. You can use it to determine the number of tweets related to hashtags. It also allows you to assess the popularity and performance of a hashtag.


The key objective of BrandMentions is to assist you with the tracking of all online keywords of, and related to, your brand. It helps study the competition, monitor the brand, manage the reputation, and monitor the media.

BrandMentions allows you to see if your unique hashtag has gained popularity and if it is being used world-wide.
It is also use for the gathering of information regarding industry trends. It can assist you in identifying some of the finest hashtags. Simultaneously, you can keep an eye on your competitors and know what hashtags they have been following and using frequently.


#Onemilliontweetmap geographically monitors hashtags. You may access any hashtag and see which hashtag is trending on Twitter in Pakistan at the moment. It offers helpful filtering features, such as the selection of a specific timeframe. You can also create a relevant search query that displays the hashtag usage from a specific time. Plus, you can render your data as a simple Cluster View.

#Onemilliontweetmap offers great insight on the hashtag usage worldwide. It explains you the context in which a hashtag is being use and what impact does it have on Twitter . It also carries out a ‘Hashtag Battle’ – in which the performance of the chosen hashtags are measured against each other.

All Hashtag

All Hashtag allows you to generate and evaluate the top relevant hashtags for your social media content. The platform offers free promotion to help you reach the top trending hashtags in Pakistan on Twitter. When you enter a hashtag, it will provide a selection of related hashtags for you to use them in your Twitter postings.

All Hashtag features include the Hashtag Generator which shows the best hashtags according to your needs. Next comes, the Hashtag Creator through which you can create customised hashtags. Then we have, the Hashtag Analytics that analyses the hashtags and helps with the marketing strategies. Last, but certainly not the least, is the Hashtag Recommendation feature that recommends you the best and most running hashtags according to your needs.


RiteTag sends out trending hashtag alerts regularly. It sends you email alerts about new hashtags that are relevant to your topic(s). RiteTag lets you combine your hashtags and analyse data like reach, impressions, retweets, and exposure etc. to check Twitter trends in Pakistan. Other features include:


Talkwalker’s social media analysis module includes hashtag analysis. It is a single tool that allows you to combine the social media information. It provides complete campaign tracking and hashtag search, as well as, data on engagement, mentions, shares and reach. You can easily use Talkwalker to track any hashtags related to your business, campaign, or event in real-time to see top Twitter trends in Pakistan.

It provides information regarding trends in-time. These include a look at the top hashtags, businesses and people related to trending articles. It includes sentiment analysis which informs about what drives positivity and negativity. Brand’s reputation is safe guard using the image recognition. It helps achieve the social media ROI and helps with the identification of influencers and Brand Ambassadors. It also tracks the content spread around the social media and web.


TweetDeck helps you manage multiple accounts while also keeping track of different hashtags and discussions. It allows you to rapidly track branded campaigns whether you’re searching them for a client or for yourself. Numerous hashtag campaigns can be tracked simultaneously. Twitter hashtag campaigns can also be schedule through TweetDeck.


Through specific hashtags, Twubs allows you to conduct performance monitoring and participate in Twitter chats. Messages can be directly posted with the help of chosen hashtags. It even allows you to create your own hashtags. You can put all users of Twubs in a single customised feed. It also connects you with people who might be interested in your personalised hashtags via social landing page.

All in all
Hashtag tracking tools assist you by discovering popular and relevant hashtags for analysing the top Twitter trends in Pakistan. They demonstrate the popularity of specific hashtags over time. The catch, however, is that most of them aren’t completely free, albeit several do provide a free trial period.

Without premium commercial solutions, tracking and discovering the performance and ROI of relevant hashtags on Twitter in Pakistan may prove to be a little difficult. However, with a mix of these free tools and well-organised processes, it is attainable. If you are serious about monitoring hashtags, it is worth your time to experiment with a few tools to identify the ones that best fit your needs.

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