My Life, My Job, My Career: How 7 Simple Fitness Tips Helped Me Succeed

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We all love food but eating to the extent of being overweight can make us unproductive and ill. In today’s world, people are highly concerned about their fitness than ever before as it can change the way they live. Being unfit can be dreadful because it affects our mental and physical health. It has helped me in becoming the best version of myself. There was a time when I used to be overweight and life back then was miserable. Now I will tell you about 7 fitness tips that have helped me succeed in my life, job and career.

7 fitness tips helped me succeed

1.Fitness helped me with my mental health

Exercising regularly improves mood. Fitness has helped me with my moods. It releases chemicals like serotonin and dopamine in brain which are responsible for making us happy, motivated, attentive enhance sleep. These chemicals provide mental peace and help in overcoming daily life obstacles.
I have gotten much better at performing tasks at work. It has reduced my job-anxiety and stress. Now I am able to brain storm and share ideas with my colleagues at job. Having a good mental health allows me to think about my future goals which will help me in attaining my dream career.

2.Fitness helped me reduce the risks of being ill:

Because of being more physically active, I have stopped getting sick. Unfit people are more prone to catch heart diseases and have blood pressure issues. It helps maintain right cholesterol levels. It lowers the probability diabetes too.
I do not get unwell very often since I have started exercising regularly. The food I eat gets digested in time, metabolism has gotten much better than before. Although working out make me sweat excessively, it detoxifies body. Fitness has helped me in life by eliminating and curing health problems.

3.Fitness helped me withdraw bad habits:

Earlier, I used to smoke a pack of cigarette every day which affected my health and productivity. I wasted time by taking breaks at work when I craved cigarettes. It used to irritate my boss at office.
Fitness has helped me improve relations with my family. My parents were concerned about my bad smoking habit and they wanted me to quit. We used to have an argument about it, every now and then. They got really happy after seeing me withdraw smoking as it would increase my life expectancy.

4.Fitness helped me with pain:

Working out has made my bones and muscle stronger than ever before. it tears muscles down and makes them grow bigger. After exercising body craves for food and intakes important vitamins and minerals that heals and transforms health in a positive way.
My leg got broken while playing football once. Doctor suggested I me bed rest for two months. But due to regular physiotherapy I got healed quickly. Another example is of my father who broke his hand by slipping the washroom. It was hard for me to see him in such pain. He could not even put on clothes on his own. He also got healed earlier than expected because of fitness which helped me focus on my career as I was not stressing anymore about my father’s health.

5.Fitness helped me increase my stamina

In past, running five hundred meters was a big deal for me. I used to get tired constantly and had breathing issues after running. I could not keep my family happy as I never had enough energy to make efforts, was not able to give them the attention they required.
My endurance has increased immensely after exercising. Now, we have started going out consistently which contributes in bringing joy to my family life. Fitness accelerates blood flow, reduces stress and enhanced flexibility. Resulting, a better sex and being great in bed. My relationship with my wife has gotten stronger because I am now able to keep her satisfied. Moreover, fitness has help me become proactive at work. As of now i feel energetic throughout the day which is vital for my professional growth.

6.Fitness has helped me get more attractive:

When I was not into fitness my body was out of shape. I never used to look good and could not find the right set of clothes for my body type. Because of my body’s high fat ratio, had a strong body odor which was unpleasant for my co-workers. I started having skin problems like acne.
Fitness helped me in life and career by removing these problems. I began to get compliments from people for having a good body and smelling nice. My body antioxidants production has gone up, thus I have recovered from acne issues. My skin never looked this fresh and clear if I was not into fitness.

7.Fitness has made me disciplined in life:

In order to be fit we need to follow a proper diet plan along with well-organized exercise routine. My life was mess two years back when I did not work out. I never kept a track of what I ate and was not even able to carry out important everyday chores. My boss was not pleased with my performance at work for the reason that I could never meet deadlines.
At present, I wake up at six in the morning and prepare my diet which I have I eat during the day. Next I go to work and complete my duties efficiently. After that I go to gym where I do cardio and weight lifting in sets. Then I come home take shower and spend time with my family. At last, I go to bed and sleep peacefully.

These were the seven fitness tips that has helped me be successful in life, job and career. I would suggest everyone to follow these tips as they have changed me and made me a better person overall. It has given more confidence, increased my self-esteem.

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