TikTok hosts Creator Focus Group to evaluate & strengthen user safety on platform

TikTok held a Creator Focus Group in Lahore today to evaluate and bolster trust and safety on the platform. This initiative underscores TikTok’s commitment to creating a secure and supportive environment for its diverse community of creators.

Over the past year, TikTok has seen significant improvements in safety metrics across various regions, particularly in Pakistan. This focus group was convened to evaluate whether these advancements translate into a better user experience and to gather valuable insights to further enhance the platform’s trust and safety measures.

TikTok’s Community Partner, Digital Rights Foundation, collaborated to deliver a training session aimed at empowering creators with the knowledge, safety tools and helplines available in Pakistan to safeguard themselves against issues like cyberbullying. Creators were also provided with valuable insights and practical advice on how to overcome such challenges.

Additionally, an overview of TikTok’s Trust & Safety features, including its approach to user safety, Community Guidelines as well as safety resources on the platform, was presented to ensure creators are fully informed about the measures in place to protect them and their audiences.

TikTok sought direct feedback from creators to affirm the effectiveness of its approach to user safety and the tools and features available on the platform. This external validation is crucial in shaping the platform’s trust and safety strategies in the future.

In a structured brainstorming session moderated by Trust & Safety experts, TikTok explored creators’ interest in receiving personalized safety support. The focus group identified specific resources creators currently utilize and benchmarked against offerings from other platforms to enhance TikTok’s support services.

Hamza Zohaib, a popular creator who participated in the focus group shared, “Being part of this initiative is incredibly important. It shows that TikTok is serious about addressing our concerns and improving the platform for everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing how our feedback will shape the future of TikTok’s safety measures.”

This Creator Focus Group brought together diverse creators, including lifestyle influencers, artists, foodies, comedians, educators, activists and storytellers, to share their experiences and insights. This collaborative effort highlights TikTok’s dedication to fostering a safe, inclusive, and vibrant community.

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