How to check the sehat sahulat program online in 2022

How to check sehat sahulat program 2022

The Pakistan population is faced with difficulties regarding health and medical care. Hospitals in the public sector do not offer high-quality healthcare, while private hospitals have a lot of fees that the average person can’t pay. To combat these problems, the administration of Pakistan introduced its Sehat Sahulat Program in 2015. It offers the Sehat Insaf Card that provides health and medical care services to every citizen of Pakistan. In this article, we will talk about sehat sahulat’s program and check it online for 2022.

What Is Sehat Insaf Card?

The Sehat insaf Card part of the Sehat Sahulat Program provides family members with emergency assistance, including hospitalization, medical treatment and surgical procedures, pregnancy services, follow-ups, referral transportation, and consultations.

Sehat Suhulat Program Check Online

Sehat Sahulat Program via Mobile Application_

Go to the Download Sehat Sahulat Prgram Mobile Application, Please press the button Playstore Button Below

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