Petrol prices slashed by Rs10 per litre; electricity by Rs5 per unit

ISLAMABAD: Contrary to the rumours that had been circulating on social media, the petrol prices were reduced by Rs10 per litre and the power tariff was cut down by Rs5 per unit, as part of the prime minister’s measures for public relief.

The decision to reduce the prices was announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan himself who was addressing the nation yesterday. The prime minister also added that the petroleum prices and the electricity tariffs would not be increased till the next budget.

The prime minister said that he had received a summary from Ogra to increase the prices, however, the government decided to rather decrease the prices in order to provide relief to the public. Speaking of electricity, he said that 10 dams were being built by the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government so as to ensure that the country could be saved in the face of price fluctuation globally.

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