OpenAI releases new feature similar to Incognito mode

OpenAI releases new feature

OpenAI has launched a new feature to safeguard the privacy of users. The update is similar to ‘incognito mode’ of a web browser and does not allow OpenAI’s ChatGPT to save conversation history. Subsequently, the chatbot would not use the conversation data to enhance its artificial intelligence.

The development came after ChatGPT and other chatbots have gone under scrutiny. Earlier last month, Italy banned the ChatGPT in condemnation of privacy violations. The authorities said that service would resume after it completes the requirements, such as providing the right to users to raise objections on processing their data.

Chief Technology Officer of OpenAI, Mira Murati, said that the new update is not the result of a ban from Italy but has occurred after the company made efforts to give users the authority for their data collection. She added that OpenAI adheres to the privacy law of Europe. Mira further said that they would be moving forward to prioritise the privacy of users.

In the update, users can switch off the ‘Chat History & Training’ by going into the settings. In addition to that, they can also export the data. Product Officer of OpenAI, Nicholas Turley, said that conversations would be retained for 30 days to foresee whether abusive language has been used or not. After that, it would be permanently deleted.

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