How to Register Online FIR in Punjab Police

how to registered online fir punjab police

One initiative of Punjab Police is to establish an integrated IGP Police Online FIR Complaint Center. The complaints used to be submitted by post, or the complainant had to travel to Lahore to file his complaint. You can also complain in person at the Inspector General of Police Office. Follow these simple steps to check the status of your FIR online at the Punjab Police Government of Pakistan. With these basic details. Contact address. This ensures data integrity across all systems and speeds up data entry.

Registered Online FIR Punjab Police _

Open the Webpage _ Click here Online Complaint.

Enter Cell Number _ XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
Click on the Submit button.

Online FIR Check by CNIC Punjab _

Here you can find track your Complaint Tracking Number.

Punjab Police FIR online_ .

Go to the website and click here.

You can search by tracking NO. Search by Tracking NO.
To Search, click the button below.

Online Fir Punjab via SMS and Voice Call

Call _ 1787 to send SMS 1787.     

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