Netflix launches free mobile games for its users globally

Netflix Launches free Mobile Games Users Globally|

CALIFORNIA: According to the video-streaming giant, Netflix, the users will now be able to enjoy five free mobile games on the Netflix app. The announcement came on Tuesday.

Out of five, two games are based on its hit horror show ‘Stranger Things’, with the rest being card and skill-based games.

Netflix said,” We are excited to take our first step in launching Netflix games on mobile to the world,” further adding, “we want to begin to build a library of games that offers something to everyone.”

The games were already available in parts of Europe before going global on Tuesday. All games are designed to be played on Tablets or Android phones via Netflix accounts.

However, there is no update as to when Netflix plans on launching the games on Apple iPhones and iPads.

Netflix obtained its first video game studio of late in order to grow its entertainment domain in the profitable gaming sector as well.

California-based Night School Studio, the creator of the famous paranormal thriller Oxenfree game, was purchased by the company

Since July, Netflix has shown keen interest in advancing into the video gaming sector, aiming to succeed through making games based on plots of famous TV series.

Netflix has appointed Facbook’s Mike Verdu, an experienced gaming professional, as gaming team head.

Netflix stated, ”Just like our series, films and specials, we want to design games for any level of play and every kind of player.”

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