Militants located on Pak-Iran border got support from third countries, says Iranian FM

Iranian FM believe that third countries supported Militants located on Pak-Iran border

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian addressed the media in a joint press conference in Islamabad. During his address, the Iranian FM said undoubtedly ‘third countries’ have supported the militants positioned in the border regions of both Pakistan and Iran.

Iranian FM landed in Pakistan on Sunday night for a crucial visit as the bilateral ties of both countries were at stake amid the unprecedented missile exchanges and the killing of nine Pakistani labourers in the Sistan-Blauchistan province.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian stated that a third countries has lent support to terrorists located in the common border regions as those states never favours any good action that benefits Iran and Pakistan. He added that Iran and Pakistan never had territorial differences and termed the bilateral relations as a single nation located in two distinct geographical positions. He stated that both countries would not allow terrorists to threaten the common security.

According to Iranian FM, both sides have shown agreement to prompt actions on border security, combat terrorism, along expansion of economic, trade, and commercial cooperation.

Pakistan and Iran will also establish a high-level constructive mechanism at the foreign ministry level that will meet alternatively on a regular basis to oversee the progress made in various areas.

The two sides have also agreed to station liaison officers that they would be stationed in Turbat and Zahedan.

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