How to message Whatsapp Unsaved Contact

Message unsaved contact on WhatsApp with the help of this new method in app

Usually, when a user gets a phone call from an unknown number and they want to see or message it on WhatsApp they have to save it first in contacts. But a new update from Meta allows everyone across the globe to message unsaved contact on WhatsApp. 

How to Message Unsaved Contact on WhatsApp

Read below and follow the instructions to successfully message unsaved contact on WhatsApp without getting into the trouble of saving them first in your mobile’s phonebook:


Is the Option to Message Unsaved Contact on WhatsApp not appearing on your mobile?

In case the new Chat option does not appear in your WhatsApp:

Simply go to the Play Store and search for WhatsApp.

  1. If your WhatsApp is not updated it will show the “update” option in blue colour right next to uninstall 

  1. Click the update option
  2. Once the update is done, open your WhatsApp and follow the above-mentioned method once again.

Previously, a WhatsApp user had to go through a lot of struggle to message someone whose number was not saved. Usually, they had to use a third-party app, that was hazardous to the safety of the device and privacy. Also, this method was very inconvenient. The new update has helped a lot and created a lot of ease for users.

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