Large parts of Southern Pakistan, including Karachi, with no electricity due to ‘accidental fault’

In what has been termed as an “accidental fault” by the Ministry of Energy, large parts of southern Pakistan, including the metropolitan city, Karachi are left with no electricity. According to the energy minister, the grid trip has amounted to the shortfall of 8,000MW of energy.

In a rather bizarre explanation as to what triggered the power breakdown in the country, the ministry of energy said that it happened due to an “accidental fault”. The ministry took to Twitter to explain the cause.

It wrote: “Due to an accidental fault in the country’s southern transmission system, several southern power plants are tripping in phases, which is disrupting the transmission of electricity in the southern part of the country. The Ministry of Energy is diligently investigating the cause of the fault and The power system will be fully restored as soon as possible”

Shortly after, the spokesperson for the K-Electric wrote on Twitter that the body was working to resolve the issue and it could take up to five hours to fully restore the electricity.

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