K-Electric to commence load-shedding for up to three hours in Karachi

KARACHI: From Thursday onwards, the K-Electric has decided to commence a three-hour load-shedding in areas that had been load-shedding-free previously. Areas with low losses will be the prime target. The load-shedding is a part of the revised power management plan announced by the electric power provider.

The spokesperson of K-Electric said that the proposed plan would ease the situation for areas heavily impacted, decreasing the load-shedding by 1-2 hours in those areas. He added that anyone could find the schedule through their website, Live app and Self Service Portal on WhatsApp. Those, who are registered on 8119 (KE services) will also receive a message regarding the power cut off.

A peaceful protest was also carried out by the residents of the FC Area, who demanded to provide relief from power outages at night.

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