JDC Opens Free Dialysis Centre in Sialkot

JDC Free Dialysis Centre

JDC has taken a commendable step by opening a Free Dialysis Center in Sialkot on 30th October 2023. This dialysis centre has been named after the renowned businessman Mr Tanweer’s mother, Kalsoom Akhtar, as he is the sole financial donor for this project and provided JDC with the necessary funds to open a dialysis centre in Sialkot. This initiative is a lifeline for those in need as it offers free dialysis services, effectively alleviating the financial burden patients face.

In strict adherence to international standards, the facility ensures patient safety by adopting one-time-use equipment policies, thereby maintaining the highest levels of hygiene. Used equipment is promptly and safely discarded, guaranteeing a clean and safe environment for all patients.

Zafar Abbas, the General Secretary of JDC, set a visionary goal of establishing 50 dialysis centres across Pakistan, and his resolute dedication has seen this vision come to life. In a country with over 17 million kidney disease patients and limited resources, this initiative addresses a pressing healthcare issue. Dialysis treatment, which typically costs over $3000 per year per patient, is often financially out of reach for many, making the need for such centres even more vital.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation and the growing number of patients in need, JDC has already launched free dialysis centres in various cities, including Karachi. These centres have become beacons of hope for individuals who were previously burdened by the high costs of treatment.

JDC Welfare Organization, a non-governmental, non-profit entity. It is dedicated to serving humanity without bias. The organization’s primary mission is to alleviate human suffering and help people regain their normal lives.

As JDC continues to expand its network of free dialysis centres, it remains devoted to its commitment to providing high-quality medical care, entirely free of charge. These centres represent a significant leap towards reducing human suffering and offering hope to kidney disease patients throughout Pakistan.

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