Javed Akhtar blasts Modi over silence on anti-Muslim sentiments

Veteran Indian writer and poet Javed Akhtar lashed out at India Prime Minister Narendra Modi over keeping mum on extremists’ genocidal remarks targetted at Muslims of India.

In December, some Hindutva leaders had delivered hate speeches against the local Muslims at a summit in Haridwar. The speakers said Muslims must be eradicated by leaders, police and the army as had happened in Myanmar.

No action was taken against them, however, after a strong public reaction to videos, a report was filed against a few individuals.

Javed Akhtar questioned the policies of Modi and his silence on the matter. He said that the prime minister met the president in a bulletproof car and security protocol and talked about imaginary threats. He added that the prime minister didn’t utter a single word against the people who were trying to plan a Muslim genocide.

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