Fire erupts in Gulshan-e-Qadri in late hours of Tuesday, 150 huts turned into ashes

Fire guts down 150 huts.

Karachi: Around 150 huts were turned into ashes after a fire erupted in the Gulshan-e-Qadri Malir. The incident occurred in the late hours of Tuesday. No casualty has been reported, however, a woman sustained injuries in the fire accident and was shifted to the hospital.

According to the details from news reports, the source of the fire is still unknown. At 1:30 am, when residents of the hut were asleep, the fire erupted and in a few minutes started to spread across the huts. The rescue teams and fire brigades arrived at the scenario and had a tough time controlling the fire. Affectees stated that the horrific fire destroyed 150 huts and all their valuables. 

Similar Incident in 2022

Last year, a similar incident was reported in the Teen Hatti area. A fire broke into the slum area at gutted around 100 huts. The fire originated from beneath the Teen Hatti bridge.

It took three fire brigades to control the fire. The hectic effort by firefighters, rescue teams, and police contingent continued for two hours. At least 100 huts got destroyed, and two people were injured in the fire incident.

Likewise, in 2022, a fire incident occurred in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal Shanti Nagar area where five people died. The demised soul included four children and a woman. The fire originated from a shanty and before anyone could do anything it took over the entire slum.

The deceased children were identified as:
Tayyaba (8-year-old)
Saima (12-year-old)
Farhan (11-year-old)
Kamran (9-year-old).

Police said that they were unable to track the cause of the incident. But the fire-brigade unit believed that the fire originated due to a short circuit that destroyed over five huts.

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