CTD (Counter Terrorism Department) kills 07 terrorists in North Waziristan

Slain terrorists were attempting to rescue their member from CTD custody

CTD foils militant attack

Miranshah: On Tuesday, a major terrorist attack was foiled by the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) in North Waziristan. The CTD stated that seven terrorists were killed in reply to the attack. According to details, the group of terrorists attacked when the CTD was moving suspected terrorists to Bannu. CTD killed seven terrorists of the banned Tehereek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

Media reports told that security forces have unveiled the names of a few slain terrorists who were identified as:

These terrorists were declared Wanted by the CTD in numerous terrorist attacks including the targeted killing of Constable Iftikhar. The terrorist attack was an attempt to rescue their members from CTD custody. Last week, CTD carried Intelligence-Based Operations (IBO) in Punjab where it killed a TTP terrorist and arrested its 11 members.

Increase in terrorist attacks across Pakistan

Pakistan is facing a surge in terrorist attacks, especially in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region. A few weeks ago, the country witnessed one of the most heart-wrenching incidents when a mosque in the Police Lines area became the target of a suicide bomb attack. Hundreds of people and several police officers died in the attack. The police said that the suicide bomber entered the masjid in a police uniform which is why the guards allowed him to enter the masjid.

Blast in Peshawar mosque leaves 30 dead; 80 injured

Peshawar police also released pictures of the suicide bomber and announced a reward for whoever conveyed information about the bomber. A hike in the terrorism rate has also been reported in Balochistan and Mianwali. Surrounding areas of Islamabad are also vulnerable to terrorist attacks. During January, 314 people died in terrorist attacks, and 254 got injured. This is the highest rate of people dying in terrorist attacks in a single month since the year 2018. Meanwhile, the security forces and CTD have killed 44 militants across Pakistan during different operations.

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