Covid-19 positivity ratio increases across country

KARACHI: The Covid-19 positivity ratio has started to increase in different areas of the country.

According to official data available on a government website, 12,513 tests took place in the last 24 hours. Of them, 268 people tested positive. One person died due to the virus.

In Karachi, the positivity ratio jumped over 21 per cent. In the last 24 hours, 138 people tested positive for Covid-19. Abbottabad recorded a positivity rate of 8.7 pc. Peshawar experienced a Covid-19 positive ratio of 3.36 pc.

Health authorities have warned that the numbers can rise significantly if precautionary measures are neglected.

Health officials have recommended the booster shot to tackle Covid-19. Till now, only 17,828,826 people have received booster shots. By Thursday, 136,422,713 people have received the vaccine. Around 125,250,104 people got fully vaccinated.

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