Alizeh Shah hasn’t contacted FIA, Head FIA Sindh Imran Riaz


KARACHI: The Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) has denied speculations of Alizeh Shah contacting it. Head FIA Sindh Imran Riaz said that the actress had not reached out to the cybercrime watchdog regarding the video controversy.

Shah’s video of smoking in a car got viral a few days ago. Since then, the popular drama actress has been in hot waters, as many viewers resorted to personal abuse. However, some believe that she too has the freedom as a woman to smoke as no one calls out a male when he does the same thing.

Shah had earlier shared the statement of Riaz in which he had said that taking someone’s pictures or video without consent was akin to committing a crime. She added that what happened to her was a violation of privacy under the 2016 act of preventing online crime.

While talking to a private news channel, Riaz said that no case would be lodged until the actress reported the case herself.

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