Propaganda accounts shut down by Twitter


SAN FRANCISCO: According to Twitter, almost 3,500 accounts were shut for tweeting pro-government propaganda in six countries. The majority of the accounts were operated from Russia and China.

Accounts banned in China were amplifying the narrative of the Chinese Communist Party regarding the treatment meted out to the Uyghur population. It was reported that 112 accounts were linked to a Xinjiang regional government company, Changyu Culture.

More than 500 accounts, operated from China, were shut down by Facebook as well for promoting the claim that the US was creating hurdles in research to locate the Covid-19 origin.

Sixteen accounts operating from Russia, to promote the pro-Russia perspective in Central Africa, were also shut down by Twitter.

Fifty accounts attacking the Libyan government & artists got banned. The accounts were actively supporting the position of Russia in Libya and Syria’s current geopolitical position.

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