Zong 4G holds Annual Business Conference to set Strategic roadmap for 2024

Zong 4G's Annual Business Conference

ISLAMABAD: Zong 4G, held its Annual Business Conference 2024 at its Headquarters in Islamabad. The conference, themed “Elevate Core Capabilities, Strive for Excellence”, celebrated Zong 4G’s remarkable achievements in 2023 and presented its strategic direction for the year 2024. The Chairman & CEO, Mr. Huo Junli praised the employees for their exceptional efforts that resulted in the company’s positive growth, creating over 47 million satisfied and happy customers.

Mr. Huo Junli reaffirmed that Zong 4G’s industry success is attributed to the unwavering commitment and resilience of its employees, propelling the company to greater heights. Even in challenging times, Zong’s dedication to placing its employees at the forefront of its operations was strengthened, accompanied by various initiatives for their well-being.

Furthermore, he emphasized that in 2024, the company must sustain the momentum of digital and intelligent transformation to achieve the vision of a Digital Pakistan. The commitment extends to actively contributing to the high-quality joint development of the ‘Belt and Road’ and the ‘China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’. He also emphasized Zong 4G’s crucial role in providing top-notch network services, dedicated to ensuring an exceptional customer experience nationwide. Moreover, while sharing Zong’s sustainability contributions during the Annual Business Conference 2024, he stressed that the company remains committed to reducing the digital divide and improving the livelihood of people in Pakistan.

Highlighting company’s vision for 2024, Mr. Huo shared that “our primary focus persists on introducing advance and cutting-edge technologies that elevate the quality of life for individuals and businesses across Pakistan. We are committed to fortifying partnerships with local businesses and communities, concurrently broadening our product portfolio to adeptly address the requirements of enterprises and SMEs. Our objective is to empower them in realizing their ambitions by improving operational efficiencies and propelling business growth.

In conclusion, he affirmed ” As we move forward, our commitment remains steadfast—to actively contribute to creating a Digital Pakistan where everyone is included, and social divides are diminished.

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