Zong 4G and HANDS join hands to set up a revolutionary Digital Lab for Youth

Digital Lab for Youth by Zong 4G and HANDS

KARACHI: Zong 4G, Pakistan’s Leading Telecommunication Company has partnered with the Health and Nutrition Development Society (HANDS) to set up a revolutionary Digital Lab at the FAS School in Noor Muhammad Goth near Karachi.

As a part of Zong 4G’s Sustainability Program, this partnership aims to provide students in marginalized areas with top-notch technological systems to empower their digital skills and provide access to the digital world. The school presently serves 120 students and is consistently broadening its scope to guarantee the provision of high-quality education for more students.

HANDS is a non-profit organization working effortlessly to improve healthcare and education systems, alleviate poverty, and build infrastructure in Pakistan. Both Zong 4G and HANDS are motivated to bridge the digital gap in Pakistan by providing students with unrestricted digital access to foster knowledge imperatives and help them excel in the digital world. The school previously faced challenges in delivering digital access to children but is now optimistic regarding the positive impact of the newly established digital lab in facilitating a more seamless and enjoyable educational experience for students.

In reference to the recent collaboration, the official spokesperson for Zong 4G articulated, ‘Zong 4G views the support and development of educational institutions in Pakistan as a primary commitment. Aligned with our Sustainability Program, the initiative is designed to advance societal well-being in the country. Through this partnership with HANDS, we aim to enhance digital education, making the digital realm more accessible for students.’

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