Zaheen Academy organises Project Day to provide healthy, creative and friendly environment to students

Project day display at Zaheen Academy

Karachi: Extracurricular activities provide children confidence, a chance to express their creativity, and unveil their hidden talent. Keeping the same targets in mind, Zaheen Academy at Clifton Block-9 organised a Project Day where students from nursery to secondary participated with great enthusiasm.

The projects were designed by a team of teachers along with their talented students. Each teacher held the responsibility of creating eye-glaring projects based on different situations. The team of students & teachers made sure to use exciting themes, lively colours, and amusing concepts in each project. 

Project Day at Zaheen Academy: All Aspects of Creativity at One Place

The projects displayed by the students were an amalgamation of culture, fictional characters, tribute to heroes, and education-based ideas. All in all, it seemed like the school had become a hub of creative minds and talented staff.

Some students and teachers put together an excellent show of village life where one can witness the rural life of the country.

Village Life at Project Day

On the other hand, the marine life display helped students understand about underwater living beings along with unleashing their creative skills.

Marine Life Project

Similarly, the science-loving children designed a special project about computers and science experiments. Their hard work made learning science way more fun and entertaining.

Students Created Art Work Welcoming to Science Project

Students from the primary section joined hands to pay tribute to the armed forces of Pakistan. By dressing up in the attire of the Pak army, navy and airforce, the students saluted the services of soldiers.

Tribute to Airforce
Salute to Army
Representing Naval forces


On the other hand, students also made sure to remember their sports heroes and displayed information projects on cricket, hockey and kabaddi.

A team of talented young children brought the characters of Snow White to life. The project took parents and viewers back to their sweet days of childhood when they were amused by the famous Disney story.

Snow White brought to Life

Students and teachers also showcased religious harmony and gave the message of peace and amity.

A Project Showcasing Reliogous Harmony


Importance of Initiatives for students

Principal and Administrator Ms Samina Raheem highlighted the importance of organising events that unveil the creative side of students and teachers.

“The Project Day at Zaheen Academy was indeed a great event. The students were inclined and motivated to participate in the different projects held by the school. The main purpose of this event was to provide a healthy, creative and friendly environment to the students where they not only enjoyed but also utilized their hidden skills to prove that if given a chance they can do wonders in future.”

Parents were also amazed to witness the talent of their children and thanked Zaheen Academy for organising the event. A mother of a student said that she was glad to see her son and other students who wholeheartedly participated in the event. Similarly, a father whose child participated in the Sea World project said that he enjoyed the event thoroughly.

Mrs Farhana Shafqat and Ms Paras Somro, Section Incharges of Zaheen Academy, also expressed their views.

“Project Day proved to be a great Success. I salute the teachers for all their extra efforts. Hope this spirit continues in future also.”

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