Will Smith all prepared to return to cinema after Oscars slap

After the ‘slapping’ controversy of Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Academy Awards, the actor will be seen in a historical thriller ‘Emancipation’. The movie will release in December, which makes it eligible to be nominated for Oscars 2023. Will apologised to Rock, the fans and Film Academy for slapping Chris.

The comic actor had made some remarks about Will’s wife during the Oscars 2022, which infuriated him. The public may not see Will at the prestigious event as he was banned for ten years to attend the event.

‘Emancipation’ will hit theatres and Apple TV+ in December. Apple Inc is the distributor of the film and released the teaser on its Twitter handle.

Apple said that the story is inspired by real-life events of Whipped Peter, who came into the limelight after his images of being assaulted as a slave were published in Harper’s Weekly in 1863.

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