WhatsApp decides to make users’ life easier with new updates

WhatsApp decides to make users' life easier with new updates

As the year 2023 progresses, the popular messaging platform WhatsApp has rolled out a list of updates that will ease the life of users in 2023. Last year, WhatsApp released some very useful updates that helped made the application an interesting chatting hub. In 2022 multiple new features like Avatars, 32-person video calls, polls in chat, communities, and Message Yourself amused the users.

For 2023, the meta-owned app will introduce some changes in its outlook. Other features will allow people to have an enhanced chatting and sharing experience.

WhatsApp Updates for 2023

Recognise Text in WhatsApp Images

This feature will be available for users of iOS16. WhatsApp is designing a service that will recognise the text printed in the images (shared through the app). Users can copy and paste the text.

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Transfer Chat

With the help of a new update, a user can transfer WhatsApp chat from one android device to another without the help of Google Drive. For this purpose simply follow the below steps:

  1. Go to WhatsApp Settings
  2. Click Chats
  3. Enter Chats Transfer to Android
  4. Scan the given QR code
  5. Follow all the remaining instructions popping on the screen

Report Inappropriate Content Shared on Status

So far people were able to report any violation of the rules set by WhatsApp or problematic media & messages sent from anyone. However, with the help of new updates, anyone can report objectionable content present in WhatsApp Stories.

Once the update is launched, a report button will flash in the status option. The feature may get released in the next upgrade.

Connect WhatsApp through Proxy

WhatsApp is consistently working on connecting people with the platform who reside in areas where the application is banned. Through the Proxy function, a user can connect to WhatsApp from anywhere in the world. The feature will help the people of Syria and Iran where application access is halted.

Send Images by Maintaining Original Quality

Many users working in the creative industry refrain from sharing images through WhatsApp as the pictures lose their quality due to compression. But, the forthcoming update will resolve the issue and enable users to share pictures of original quality

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