US hopeful to expand economic and trade relations with Pakistan, says Ned Price

Washington: Spokesperson of the United States State Department, Ned Price, has emphasized the need for strong economic relations between Pakistan and the US. Ned Price briefed that both countries have met for a ministerial-level meeting on trade and investment in Washington.

While speaking to the media, Price said that in 80 American companies, over 120,000 Pakistani are working as employees. He added that the US is ready to further expand these relations as the country has proved to be the biggest investor in Pakistan over the last two decades.

The US spokesperson once again showed concerns over regional security. He urged the Taliban government to fulfil their promises and make sure that ISIS and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) do not disrupt the peace in the region.

Price also acknowledged the fact that Pakistan has all the rights to defend itself against terrorism, and stated that the United States is closely monitoring the situation in Afghanistan. The US State Department spokesperson emphasized the importance of the Taliban upholding their commitment, ensuring that Afghanistan premises are never again used for international terrorist attacks.

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