Universities in Afghanistan reopen; small attendance of women also recorded

On Wednesday, few public universities reopened in Afghanistan for the first time under the new Taliban government. Few female students also attended classes. Previously, authorities had said that males and females would be taught in different classes.

After the Taliban got into power in Afghanistan, educational institutions were closed. Fears of getting banned from seeking education ran among the women. The Afghan women had good reason for the fears.

From 1996 to 2001, women were banned to attend schools under the first Taliban rule. Female students were happy about attending classes but were worried about education getting banned again.

Head of Nangarhar University Khalil Ahmad Bihsudwal said that separate classes for men and women would be organised and many provinces were following the practice. The news of women attending classes was praised by the United Nations and was shared by Special Representative Deborah Lyons.

Last week, the Taliban delegation had a meeting with officials of Western governments in Norway. The officials told the Taliban to improve women rights to unblock the foreign aid and seized assets.

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