United Nations disappointed in India’s response to Manipur violence

India's response to Manipur violence

GENEVA: The United Nations has strongly condemned the reaction of India on the Manipur violence. UN termed India’s response to human rights violations, sexual violence, & deadly ethnic clashes as ‘slow and inadequate’.

In their official statement, the UN said:
“We have serious concerns about the apparent slow and inadequate response by the Government of India, including law enforcement, to stem physical and sexual violence and hate speech in Manipur”.

Reports suggest that violent attacks caused around 160 deaths. About 300 people also got injured during these attacks in mid-August. Thousands of people were displaced, as thousands of homes, hundreds of churches, and farmland were destroyed.

As unveiled by reports, Manipur became the target of gender-based violence where hundreds of females of all ages, and predominantly Kuki ethnic minority suffered. Several cases of alleged violence, gang rape, parading women naked in the street, severe beatings to death, and burning females alive or dead were recorded.

Experts believe that the Manipur violence is preceded by hateful & inflammatory speech. These hate speeches justified the atrocities committed against the Kuki ethnic minority by making their ethnicity & religious beliefs a base.

The UN experts directed the Indian government to excel in relief efforts and initiate timely investigations against acts of violence.

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