Uninterrupted and affordable calls to China & Afghanistan with Zong 4G’s “IDD Kam Paisay Ziyada Baat”

Zong 4G’s “IDD Kam Paisay Ziyada Baat” for China & Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD: Zong 4G, Pakistan’s No. 1 Network operator offers international direct dialing bundle for China & Afghanistan at the most affordable price ever so that you can stay connected with your loved ones despite the distance!

Embracing multitude, Zong 4G understands the struggles of international calling from Pakistan and the inaccessibility tied to the expensive rates which is why IDD Bundles were introduced for more than 10 countries as a way to ease the process of international calling and make it accessible and affordable. Zong 4G’s IDD bundles focuses on the theme of ‘Kam Paisay Ziada Baat’, offering prices as low as 15 Paisas per second for international calling to China & Afghanistan.

In order to make international calling to China & Afghanistan as accessible as possible and to facilitate its users, Zong 4G’s International Direct Dialing bundle for China & Afghanistan has been tailored specifically for you to remain connected with your loved ones at all times. The bundle can easily be subscribed through My Zong App or by simply dialing *3966# with the lowest ever subscription charges priced at Rs.2/daily.

IDD Kam Paisay Ziyada Baat – Prepaid Offer
Subscription Code Bundle Name Bundle offer Subscription Charges
*3966# China

All Networks

 Rs. 0.15 Paisa +Tax / second Rs.2/daily

(Roshan Network)

Sharing his insight on this, the official spokesperson for Zong 4G stated, ‘International calling in Pakistan is an expensive facility, which is why Zong 4G deemed it important to contribute and formulate bundles that would be easily accessible to users nationwide while offering top-notch connectivity and affordability.’

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