Ufone Blaze Device packages and price 2022 (Full Detail)

The Ufone has introduced a brand new 4G Device called “the “Ufone Blaze Wi-Fi Device”. Purchase the Ufone Blaze internet Device via wireless portable devices at a reasonable price, and 3g, 4g monthly plans are available. Let’s start with the detail about Ufone blaze package and the price 2022.

Here are the Ufone Blaze Device 4G features:

Ufone Blaze Device Price_

Blaze is available for PKR.3700 (one-time costs) through Ufone 4G Service centers. You can buy the Blaze device at the nearest retailer or joint shop.

Ufone Blaze Device

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Ufone Blaze Packages and Price Detail: _

Blaze Package 1st Offer

1st-Package (120GB in Rs.1999)

Data: 120 GB
60GB Time: 24Hours
60GB Time: 1am to 1pm
Validity: 30 Days
Price: Rs1999
Sub-Code: *7073#

Blaze-Package 2nd Offer

2nd-Package (200-GB in Rs.2499)

Data: 200_GB
100-GB Time: 24Hours
100-GB Time: 1_am to 1_pm
Validity: 30 Days
Price: Rs.2499
SUB-Code: *7074#

Blaze Package 3rd Offer

3rd-Package (300GB in Rs.2999)

Data: 300-GB
150-GB Time: 24Hrs
150-GB Time: 1-am to 1-pm
Validity: 30 Days
Price: Rs.2999
SUB-Code: *7075#.

Note: That all Package Recharge Prices are in relation to the Ufone MSISDN as well as Sub-Code dial 1, 2, 3 to activate Packages.

Terms & Conditions

How to Buy Ufone Blaze Device?

Visit your local Ufone Services Center, Franchise or Ufone Retailer.

How can I find out Ufone Blaze remaining MB’s (usage Data?)

Dial *3045# from your master number. IF the master numbers are Ufone. Customers can avail additional benefits. Check their Usage or verify their Ufone Blaze free MB’s.

If you need any more details regarding the Ufone Blaze device, to visit Ufone Official Web Portal.

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