TLP protesters await further instructions from leadership in Wazirabad

TLP Protest

ISLAMABAD: A large number of workers of the banned political outfit Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) await further instructions regarding the sit-in as they continued their protest in Wazirabad on Saturday.

The workers had marched to Wazirabad from Gujranwala on Friday where they stayed at the Zafar Ali Khan Bypass. Fearing a poor law and order situation in the city, the mobile and internet services have been shut down with businesses also shut.

The Punjab Government had stationed the law enforcement personnel at the Chenab toll plaza on Friday to halt the protesters from marching forward.

The law enforcement personnel had drawn a ‘red line’ with a warning sign nearby ordering the protesters to not breach the line or face consequences. The Punjab and Federal Government have repeatedly asked the protesters to turn back. Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed had warned the protesters on Thursday night to stop the march stating if the march did not stop, ‘things will go out of my hands’.

It was reported yesterday that the TLP leadership is holding dialogues with the government to call off the protest. However, the dialogue has not yielded any fruitful results so far.

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