TikTok removes nearly 12.5 million videos from Pakistan in Q1 2022 for Community Guidelines violations

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PAKISTAN: Popular short-form video platform TikTok has released its latest Community Guidelines Enforcement Report for Q1 2022 (January – March 2022), including updates on its commitment to support the safety of the community and foster kindness on the platform.

The report reflects the platform’s ongoing commitment to earn trust by being accountable while working to be safe and welcoming. Efforts include fostering authentic engagement across the comment space, safety reminders for creators and adhering strictly to the extensive Community Guidelines.

According to the report, Pakistan had a removal rate of 96.5 per cent before any views and 97.3 per cent before 24 hours. Whereas, 98.5 per cent proactive removal rate was used by TikTok to remove 12,490,309 Pakistani videos.

With 12,490,309 videos removed, Pakistan ranked second in the world for the largest volume of videos taken down for Community Guidelines violations between January – March 2022.

With these figures, Pakistan ranks second in the world for the largest volume of videos taken down in Q1 2022, following the US which ranks first with 14,044,224 videos removed. In this quarter, 102,305,516 videos were removed globally, which represents about 1% of all videos uploaded to TikTok.

The videos were removed because they violated TikTok’s robust set of community guidelines that are designed to foster an experience that prioritises safety, inclusion, and authenticity.

The report also revealed that in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war, TikTok’s safety team focussed on the Ukraine war and removed 41,191 videos, 87% of which violated its policies against harmful misinformation. TikTok also labelled content from 49 Russian state-controlled media accounts. The platform also identified and removed 6 networks and 204 accounts globally for coordinated efforts to influence public opinion and mislead users about their identities.

The report also revealed that the total volume of ads removed for violating TikTok’s advertising policies and guidelines increased in the first quarter of 2022.

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