TikTok introduces #FamilyFirst feature to enhance parental control

ISLAMABAD: The popular short-video platform TikTok has decided to take strict measures to enhance the protection of teenagers on the platform by introducing the #FamilyFirst initiative. According to TikTok, the decision will allow the parents to foresee their children’s activities on the app and control multiple options like notifications, direct messages, download settings, and watch time.

The new feature will link the accounts of parents and their children and control their activities. Parents will be able to set the time their teenagers can use the app between a range of 40 to 120 minutes. A parent can also choose whether to keep the child’s account private or not and restrict the search for music, hashtags, people, and content.

TikTok said that it had partnered with online safety organisations to strengthen its resources. It added that the platform had taken multiple steps to improve policies and introduce new features.

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