The curse of frequent loadshedding in Karachi

Frequent loadshedding in Karachi

It has now become a routine that the people of our area spend long hours in complete darkness due to the frequent loadshedding in Karachi. The authorities concerned remain indifferent to the difficulty faced by the people.

Students, elderly citizens, those who are sick, and children are the prime victims of the electricity shutdown. Moreover, the power cutdown at night causes the street lights to become useless which ultimately favours criminals and snatchers – creating a significant security risk.

Loadshedding in Karachi has started to become a chronic disease that is severely affecting the life of a common citizen. Unannounced power cutdowns have become normal proving the negligence and inefficiency of the K-Electric and power regulatory bodies. There is no proper explanation for the incompetence and zero clarity on whether there is a solution to the current situation.

The electricity issue has been hindering the growth of business sector and industry manufacturing. Hence, the economic sector of Pakistan is also suffering from exponentially increasing loadshedding. We must, by all means, formulate a plan to combat load shedding before it completely paralyses the normal life of every Pakistani.


Farooq Muhammad

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