Tensions flare between Pakistani musicians Sahir Ali Bagga and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

KARACHI: The Pakistani music scene has been rocked by escalating tensions between renowned musicians Sahir Ali Bagga and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The discord came to the forefront following a fiery social media exchange initiated by Bagga, sparking widespread speculation and debate within the industry.

The controversy unfolded when Bagga took to social media platforms to air his grievances against Khan, unleashing a barrage of accusations in a now-deleted Instagram Story and post. In his remarks, Bagga accused Khan of hypocrisy and criticised his behavior in harsh terms, igniting a storm of reactions from fans and insiders alike.

The swift escalation of the feud caught the attention of many, with industry observers dissecting the nature of the rift between the two musicians. Amidst the fervor, fellow artist Ali Zafar intervened, urging Bagga to reconsider his actions, especially given the sanctity of the ongoing Holy month of Ramadan.

Zafar’s intervention served as a poignant reminder of the importance of maintaining respect and restraint, particularly during religiously significant periods. He encouraged Bagga to uphold the principles of Ramadan and refrain from passing judgment on others, prompting Bagga to reflect on his words.

Realising the gravity of his actions, Bagga swiftly removed the contentious post, expressing regret for his choice of words and acknowledging the inappropriateness of addressing such matters during Ramadan. His public apology signaled a moment of reflection amidst the heated exchange, highlighting the need for mutual respect and understanding within the music community.

The exact cause of the rift between Bagga and Khan remains unclear.

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