Taher Shah’s ‘Eye to Eye’ has inspired T-Series for Mast Aankhein!

Tahir Shah eye to eye plagiarized by T-Series

Popular music company T-Series has decided to maintain its reputation by plagiarising others’ content and this time their radar has to none other than Taher Shah’s Eye to Eye, which got international fame as a meme material.

The Eye to Eye may become a laughing stock but has apparently become a source of inspiration for Bhushan Kumar as his new song Mast Aankhein follows Taher’s song beat by beat. Even Jubin Nautiyal’s attire has similarities with Taher Shah dress & hairstyle.



The song was released on February 24 and a few days ago Indian composer Mayur Jumani noticed something odd about the song. He did his research and found an uncanny resemblance between both songs. Mayur shared a video on his Instagram in which he asked the viewers if he is the only one who thinks the song by T-series is inspired by Eye to Eye. He then shows the viewers a comparison of beats that left everyone’s mouth open.

T-series and Plagiarism

Jubin Nautiyal had been singing re-created songs quite a lot for some time. For instance, his super hit number Ankh Uthi Mohabbat Mein was originally a qawali by the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Sahab. Afterwards, his song Dil Ghalit Kar Betha Ha was again taken from Nusrat Sahab as it was a super-hit qawali. Jubin’s Meri Zindagi ha Tu was also taken from Nusrat’s qawali collection. Not surprisingly all the songs were produced by T-series. It is not the first time that the company has been called out for ripping out a song. Earlier, musician Farasat Anees claimed that T-series stole his song, Biba. The song was a track for Joyland.

Farasat said that the T-series stole his work and it became trending across the world. The singer added that he and his brothers worked hard on the track and the company should have some shame.

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