Supreme Court orders KP government to collect Rs.33m from Kurk mandir suspects

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has instructed the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to make sure that the culprits dole out Rs.33 million in lieu of damages for vandalising the Samardhi Hindu temple in Kurk. A three-judge bench, under the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Gulzar Ahmed issued the order on Wednesday.

The case was put forward by the Advocate General of KP Shumail Butt. He briefed the bench regarding the restoration and construction process which amounts to Rs.33m.

On Dec 30 last year, a mob of 1,000 people, led by a religious party, protested against the construction of the temple and urged the protesters to ransack it which ultimately led to an attack on the temple.

The report submitted by Pakistan Hindu Council states that Qari Faizullah, who is out on bail, had an objection to the word ‘Mandir’. In the report, Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani states: “It is really beyond comprehension whether the holy site such as Mandir, Ashram, Gurdwara, Krishn Dwara, Marhi, Darbar, Tikaano, Teerath or Samadhi would be decided by these miscreants, emboldened by the pathetic approach of administration.”

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