Supporters of Baloch protests can join Baloch militants, PM Kakar

PM Kakar lost his cool on Baloch protests issue

On Monday, Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar lost his cool on the Baloch protests and carried a straight-froward stance on the issue. While addressing the media, he said that the dispute of Baloch families was being projected in negative contrast to realities. The interim prime minister added that terrorists and armed militants were involved in the killing of Balochi people, including doctors, lawyers and teachers.

Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar did not mince his words and bluntly said that those who are in support of the Baloch protest can join the Baloch militants and fight the state along with them so that the state can decide how to deal with them. Regarding the violence by Islamabad police against protestors, he said that some individuals misled everyone to damage the state and turn themselves into fake heroes of human rights.

Kakar put forward the stance that the state was against the militant outfits and not anti to the Baloch people. He stated that the government respected the rights of Baloch protests as their dear ones went missing, but the families should know that the missing persons were fighting against the state with the help of RAW funding.

Calling Out Human Activists:
Kakar criticised the human activists who stood with protestors. He said that these so-called advocates would also get killed by BLF or BLA if they visited Balochistan. The prime minister asked them to join the militant groups and clarify their position.

According to Anwar-ul-Haq over 90,000 innocent people were killed and no criminal was convicted due to weak criminal justice. He lashed out at activists and asked why these advocates did not unmask those involved in the carnage.

Kakar clarified that he supports protestors’ rights but has a problem with those trying to project the wrong interpretation of the issue.

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