Sugar crisis created for political agendas, says Shahbaz Gill


LAHORE: Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Political Communication, Shahbaz Gill, while addressing a press conference on Sunday, said that inflation was a global issue, highly affecting the middle-class.

On the issue of sugar crisis, he criticised the Sindh government and said that the provincial government has created an issue for political agendas. The 18th Amendment clearly states that the supervision and management of commodities is a provincial subject which is yet again being politicised.

He further added that despite imposing fines of Rs.40 billion, the sugar mafia had taken stay orders from the court. The Federal Board Revenue (FBR) has also imposed fines of Rs.500bn on account of tax evasion, but the stay orders were creating hurdles, and recoveries could not be made under such circumstances.

Gill said that the government would safeguard the country’s economic interests at all costs. He said that the previous government had committed economic treason which has affected the whole country.

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