Speculations swirl around potential divorce between Natasa Stankovic and Hardik Pandya

The rumour mill is abuzz with speculations of a possible split between Serbian model Natasa Stankovic and Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya. Reports from Mint and India Today have left fans bewildered, as neither party has publicly addressed the growing whispers of a potential divorce.

On May 25, Natasa fuelled the speculations with a cryptic social media post featuring an image of Jesus and a sheep. Further stirring the pot, she shared an Instagram Story with an image of traffic signs, captioned, “Someone is about to get on the streets.” This enigmatic message has been interpreted by many as a signal of new beginnings, further igniting the rumour mill.

The speculations first arose when fans noticed a conspicuous absence of shared photos between Natasa and Hardik on their social media accounts over the past few months. Natasa’s absence from recent Indian Premier League (IPL) matches added to the buzz. When recently approached by paparazzi about the divorce rumours, Natasa simply smiled and said, “thank you,” leaving the questions unanswered.

Adding fuel to the fire are reports suggesting that Natasa might claim 70 per cent of Hardik Pandya’s property in a potential legal settlement. Observers also noted that Natasa has removed “Pandya” from her Instagram username, further hinting at a possible rift.

The absence of recent photos of the couple together, coupled with the lack of a birthday post from Hardik to Natasa on March 4, has only deepened the intrigue. However, photos of the couple with their son Agastya still remain on their social media profiles, adding to the ambiguity surrounding their relationship status.

Despite the mounting speculation, both Natasa and Hardik have remained tight-lipped, leaving fans and media to continue guessing about the future of their relationship. As the rumours swirl, followers of the couple eagerly await any official statements that might clarify the situation.

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