Sony MEA reveals top tips for creating content and vlogs with impact

22 March 2023: Demand for video content is far from reaching saturation point, and continue to climb in popularity among netizens. Be it short-form videos for Instagram reels or TikTok, or longer videos posted on YouTube, video content creators or vloggers must ensure their content is engaging, entertaining or educative.

So how can vloggers create content that breaks through the clutter of thousands of videos uploaded daily on the Internet? Experts at Sony Middle East and Africa have shared useful tips to achieve powerful visual storytelling.

  1. Find your passion and niche

Maintaining a vlog with consistent and regular content can be challenging. That’s why you need to find a topic or theme you are passionate and knowledgeable about: be it fashion, art, food, fitness, gaming, sport or even plants. A niche topic is also a good way to start a vlog. A target community allows you to grow your channel since there is a specific audience who will be interested in engaging with your vlogs.

  1. Understand your audience

A vlogger’s success is built by their audience. Know your audience well, their demographics, age and gender, so video content can reflect their interest. Gauge what your audience likes based on the engagement you received on each video. For example, if a funny video gets higher views than a scenic video, you know that your audience prefer entertaining videos.

  1. Consistency is key

Consistency in creating and uploading videos is one of the secrets of becoming a successful vlogger. When starting, you need to decide if you will upload two videos per week or three per month. Fix a day to upload new videos so subscribers know when to expect them. Uploading daily videos is not advisable as it is hard to maintain a stream of fresh content. Ensure that you have enough time to edit the content that you upload.

  1. Quality not Quantity

Quality videos increase audience engagement. People would know if a video was done with care or haphazardly, and it can also mean losing your audience. Tell a coherent story with your vlogs. As attention spans get shorter, vloggers need to engage their audience within the first few seconds of their vlog and keep viewers interested. This ensures viewers like, comment, share and subscribe.

  1. Upgrade your Gear

Shooting on smartphones is good for beginners. But over time, it becomes easier to create compelling content with better tools. The right vlogging gear can have a major impact on any form of content you create. Sony has a range of cameras specific for vlogging such as ZV-1 and ZV-1F. Their key features are specifically made for vloggers to help capture stunning stills and video. These pocket-size cameras are optimised for vlogging with Sony’s latest technology to make content stand out.

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