77 people dead, 87pc more rain; Sherry Rehman calls Monsoon rains ‘National Disaster’

On Wednesday, the Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman talked about the monsoon situation in Pakistan. She shared the death toll caused by the rain cycle, revealing that 77 people died since June 14. Sherry said that 39 of these deaths occurred in Balochistan.

Heavy rainfall has caused serious damage all across the country. “Balochistan has faced havocs due to flooding, and the local administration has assured us that they were ready for emergency situations,” said Rehman. She added that the provincial and national disaster management authorities were trying to extend help to local residents.

Rehman further added that the current situation was a disaster, and the monsoon pattern had changed. Pakistan has received 87 per cent more rain than usual. In Balochistan, the rainfall was 274pc more than average, while Sindh received 261pc more than the usual Monsoon downpour.

Sherry added that 87pc precipitation is now above normal. She also added that according to PMD the first phase of monsoon would stay till mid-August.

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