Shahrukh Khan wishes to convert Breaking Bad into Bollywood movie

The megastar of Bollywood and internationally-acclaimed actor Shahrukh Khan has expressed his wish to convert five seasons of Breaking Bad, one of the most iconic American crime thriller series, into a movie. The neo-western TV series showed the story of a chemistry teacher suffering from cancer who resorts to producing meth.

Khan is a huge fan of the show since 2013 and wants to make a Bollywood version of it. He has approached people who could help him get the rights to the series. While giving an interview, Khan said that the Indian audience might not accept the story of drugs and the mafia, but the premise where a man wants to save his family will lead to a good feature film.

Khan pointed out that he has entered an age where it would be interesting to portray this type of character. When asked if he would play the lead role, Khan said that great films don’t work without him.

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