Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Price in Pakistan; introduced with 200-megapixel camera and many exciting features

One of the most notable android mobile brands ‘Samsung’ has introduced 3 new models of its flagship series ‘Galaxy S23’. Samsung has produced three versions of ‘The Galaxy S23’ which include Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra. For the first time in its mobile phone manufacturing, Samsung has installed a 200-megapixel camera.

The mobile series is equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8th generation speed processor. The new series has used the Android 13 operating system. The phone will be available in four different colours including Phantom Black, Cream, Green and Lavender.

The Galaxy S23 smartphone series has been introduced with faster chips and more powerful cameras than its predecessor. Galaxy S23 smartphone comes with a 200-megapixel camera and is capable of capturing excellent low-light video, along with a long-lasting 5,000 mAh battery.

The phone has a total of 5 cameras, including a 12-megapixel selfie camera. The four rear cameras include a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera, a 200-megapixel wide-angle camera, and a 10-megapixel Pixel 10X optical zoom camera.

The new series is different in the sense that it can be used as a notebook with the new S PEN, which has storage space inside the phone. The Samsung latest model aims to eliminate reliance on paper notebooks and help users take notes or sketches in a convenient and eco-friendly environment. Galaxy S23 is available at Rs212,000 while the S23 Plus is priced at Rs265,000. S23 Ultra will be available for Rs318,000.

Earlier, it was reported that the new Samsung S23 series would cost substantially more than the S22 series as the company faces several economical challenges. It was anticipated that the new mobile range of Samsung would cost around 100 Euros in the European market and follow the same pattern in the global market.

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