Rohail Hayat asks YouTube to help him reclaim copyrights to Jugni

Veteran musician and music producer Rohail Hayat has requested YouTube to help him get back the copyrights to Coke Studio song Jugni. The popular song was sung by Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi in 2010 for the Coke Studio season 3.

Rohail Hayat was serving as the executive producer during season 3 of Coke Studio. He produced the song, and later it gathered 76 million views on his official YouTube channel. On February 2, he tweeted that rights of the songs had been claimed by a company name Bquate SAC. He asked YouTube to help him reclaim the rights of the content.

According to the description available, the Bquate SAC works as a licenser on YouTube and claims that it provides help to musicians and people related to music to establish themselves.

Hayat’s claim got support from another artist who had gone through similar issues with Bquate.

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